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Into You

INTO YOU, born on December 31, 2019, is a cutting-edge fashion beauty brand of China. Committed to continuous innovation, breaking the single form and content of beauty products on the market, and becoming a pioneer of beauty fashion in the new era in the trend of chasing fashion.

In the early days of its founding, continuous research and experimentation laid a solid foundation for the development of new types of Lip Mud, and received great response as soon as it went on the market.

In order to bring consumers more trendy and innovative makeup, INTO YOU wants to return to the essence of makeup, starting from lip products, innovating makeup categories, highlighting the beauty of makeup and modern women, and leading innovative makeup.

Into You Customized Airy Lip Mud


Into You Canned Lip & Cheek Mud


Into You Water Reflecting Lip Tint


Into You Super Matte Lip & Cheek Mud


Into You Lip Gloss


Into You Daily Life Eyeshadow Palette


Into You Berry Troublemaker Matte Lip & Cheek Mud


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