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&honey 2022 Limited Edition set


2022 Limited Edition &HONEY Sakura Deep Moist Set 2pcs


・ A pair set of shampoo and hair treatment designed by Sakura.
・ In order to welcome a new life in spring beautifully, care for dry damage in winter with the water r
etention capacity of honey!
・ The gentle spring-like scent of domestic Yoshino cherry tree and honey spreads.

How to use

(1) After thoroughly moistening the hair and scalp, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the hair.
(2) Gently massage the hair and scalp with the foam, then rinse well.

[Hair Treatment]
(1) After shampooing, lightly drain the water, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, stretch it, and apply it to the entire hair.
(2) Rinse afterwards.

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