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Im Unny Mood Layer Palette

  • 03 Autumn
  • 04 Maple

IM UNNY Mood Layer Eyeshadow Palette Spring Mood 5.5g


An eye shadow palette featuring 5 combination of colors ranging from base, contour to glittery shadow.

Features several wearable daily shades for you to create various eye makeup look everyday.

In super fine powdery texture that adheres nicely on skin which is not dusty and caky.



Daily Mood no01: Warm tone coral based shades.

Spring Mood no02: Peachy to rosy shades.

Autumn Mood no03: Autumn-like brownish shades.

Maple Mood no04: A maple-like reddish tone shades.

Take an appropriate amount with makeup brush or finger tips and glides on eyelids directly to create look.

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