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Ishizawa Baking Soda Toothpaste


Recommended for

For those suffering from yellowing of teeth

Baking soda power(*1) removes off the yellowness (*2)

Baking soda Glossy toothpaste will take care of the yellowness of teeth! Stained teeth spoil even a smiling face.
If you are concerned about yellowness and cannot laugh with confidence. This is for you.
The power of decomposing protein with baking soda and the soft scrub effect without damaging the teeth remove yellow stains from teeth and changes them into white! Giving you a smiling face with shining white teeth!
Refreshing scent of peppermint.

*1 Sodium hydrogen carbonate (cleaning agent)
*2 Due to teeth stains

Baking Soda Toothpaste against yellowness

Why do teeth get yellow? The color contained in tea or coffee and cigarette tar 
combine with the protein on teeth.
Double power of Baking Soda
makes Glossy White Teeth! Float yellowness・Remove off yellowness

"Baking Soda Glossy Toothpaste" does not contain a foaming agent. Therefore, it's hard to foam well comparing with the other kinds of toothpastes containing a foaming agent.

Take a moderate amount on a toothbrush and brush teeth and gums. ・May be used everyday. ・May be used with artificial teeth and dental implants.

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