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Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash 130g


KANEBO Comfort Stretchy Wash 130g VOCE 2020 Best Cosmetics Cleansing No. 1 Japan

A threading serum that feels moist at any moment.

The stringy texture creates a thick, sticky foam.

A friction-free washing method that can be done with a threading serum that is wrapped in high-quality moisture from the beginning to the end of washing.

Gently spreads thick and thick foam on the skin. Friction-less is the way to wash without touching your hands directly.

It sucks up and wraps dirt like a foam mask, giving a soft skin finish.

New experience

Dense thick foam technology

-Adsorbs dirt just by spreading it.

・ Moisture that continues even after washing your face.

・ The lotion used later will be more familiar to the skin.

Fruity floral scent A fruity floral scent woven by muguet and rose with the accent of the tea flower scent "tea topia".

Hydro ST (Polyquaternium-51, PEG-400, Polyquaternium-7), Glycerin A moisturizing ingredient centered on the "phospholipid complex" that creates a moist veil that has a high affinity for the skin.

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