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Nissin Choco Flakes

  • 200% Chocolate 35g
  • Mild Bitter 65g

200% chocolate flakes
・Coat corn flakes with "W Blended Cacao Chocolate", which is a blend of Ghanaian cacao and Ecuadorian cacao.
・Compared to regular “chocolate flakes”, 200% more chocolate is added to the corn flakes for a richer taste.
・Two types of packages to choose from
chocolate flakes mild bitter
・Coating corn flakes with bitter chocolate that uses cacao luxuriously
・Uses “W Blended Cacao Chocolate,” which is a blend of Ecuadorian cacao, which features a rich and gorgeous aroma, and Ghanaian cacao, which has a good balance of bitterness and sourness.
・Contains iron and calcium, which is good for the body
・ Two types of packages designed with the character “Chocoon” of “Choco Flakes”

Product of Japan

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