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Rosy Rosa Eyeshadow Blending Brush


Eyeliner, main color, and highlighter can be blended with this one eyeshadow blending brush 

Product Features

From natural blur to tightened color on the edge of the eyelid.

A double-ended eyeshadow brush that changes the finish of the eyeshadow.

Large brush Uses ultra-fine bristles that are soft and have good powder retention, creating a natural gradation that is gentle on the skin.

A small brush with a rounded flat tip that makes it possible to create delicate expressions with tightening and highlighting colors.

How to use

●Take the powder eyeshadow with a brush, adjust the excess powder with a tissue, etc., and then apply it to your skin.

●Use the large brush to blur the entire eyelid. Hold the small brush at a right angle to your skin, and use the tip of the brush along your eyelids to create a fine line. [Cleaning method]

●After use, gently wipe off dirt with a tissue paper or the like.

●If it gets very dirty, lightly shake it in lukewarm water diluted with a neutral kitchen detergent.

●When storing, place the product horizontally so that the tips of the hair do not deform.

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