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Skater Lunch Box Oval Type Hello Kitty


A tight lunch box with a dome-shaped lid that allows you to serve softly.

It prevents glue from sticking to the lid and crushing it.

It has a high partition that prevents the side dishes from shifting and a core that is convenient for sorting, so you can use it according to your purpose.

Dishwasher compatible, remove the lid and microwave OK! With name sticker.

 Capacity: 360 ml

[Product size] Approx. width 148 x depth 123 x height 56mm

Capacity: 360ml (with one 130ml core)

[Quality display (heat resistant temperature)]

Lid: AS resin (-20 to 100 degrees)

Main body / core / Partition: Polypropylene (-20 to 140 degrees)

Stopper: ABS resin (-20 to 100 degrees)

Packing: Silicone rubber (-20 to 140 degrees)

Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent

Processing method: Kneading Processing area: whole

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