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Unlabel Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water 500ml


Highly moisturizing micellar cleansing
Unlabel Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing R
Simply wipe off makeup and dirt while maintaining moisture.
A cleansing water that glides off easily. Also for waterproof makeup.

Dryness Dullness*2 Darkness
naturally derived ingredients
W No need to wash face

eyelash extension OK*12
Mascara OFF*10
Botanical micellar gently removes makeup
Plant-born micelle particles absorb make-up stains and pore stains and remove them. Keeps skin moisturized while removing makeup.
The inside of the micelle absorbs dirt, while the outside absorbs water. Only dirt is trapped inside, and the skin is moisturized with moisturizing ingredients. *Micelles are oil-like particles dissolved in water.
7 kinds of fruit ingredients gently approach old keratin!
Natural plant moisturizing ingredients extracted from 7 kinds of fruits gently remove old keratin that causes dullness, leading to beautiful skin with a sense of transparency*10.
・Hawthorn extract ・Jujube fruit extract ・Grapefruit fruit extract
・Apple fruit extract ・Orange juice extract ・Lemon juice ・Lime juice (moisturizing ingredient)
8 kinds of additive-free formulation Gently cleanses even sensitive skin
・Fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil-free
・Paraben-free ・Alcohol-free ・Silicon-free
・Talc free ・Animal raw material free

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