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Unlabel Moist Botanical Multi Souffle Cream 110g


Highly moisturizing multi-souffle cream
Unlabel Moist Botanical Multi Souffle Cream
It spreads lightly on the skin with a fluffy feel like a soufflé and absorbs quickly.
A highly moisturizing multi-souffle cream that leads to moist and smooth skin all over the body.
A soothing herb bouquet fragrance.

Dry Rough skin Dullness*2
naturally derived ingredients
98%*3 Penetration derived from plants*4 Introduced ingredients
Contains Cosmoperine*5
Formulated with botanical butter (protective and highly moisturizing)
・The “botanical butter formula*”, which contains a high amount of plant-derived butter ingredients that have a high moisturizing effect, protects skin that tends to dry out with a moisturizing veil.
* Shea butter, cocoa butter (protection)
6 types of additive-free formula gently moisturizes sensitive skin
・No coloring, no mineral oil, no animal ingredients
・Petroleum surfactant free ・Silicon free ・Talc free

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