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Unny Club Aurora Essence Fluid


| Tone Up | 

Refreshing moisture droplets from Aurora Essence Fluid that burst for clear and bright skin.

1. Moisture Droplet Bomb
Moisture droplets that burst upon contact with skin provide instant moisture charge to dry skin.

2. Quick Base
Skincare + Base makeup in one provides convenient base makeup during busy mornings.

3. Natural Tone Up Effect
Super-fine tone up powder provides natural tone correction effect as it tightly adheres to skin.

4. Charge Dry Skin With Moisture
Moisture-drawing water magnetic Phyto-complex makes skin moisturized and full of moisture
* Moisture-drawing 22 kinds of plant-based ingredients. 

Tips: Blend the product with makeup products that do not match well with your skin tone (foundation, BB etc.) to make them suitable for your skin tone.

After using toner & lotion, and before applying makeup, evenly apply an appropriate amount on the face.

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