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Voolga Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Mask - White



  • daily care use;
  • treatment of acne, dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems;
  • laser photon and other photoelectric equipment repair skin after treatment;
  • reduce pigmentation and scar formation.
  • repair skin barrier, restore skin health.



1 Box of 5 sheets

VOOLGA Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Mask is a highly effective medical level facial mask for all skin types to solve skin problems such as pimples, acne scar, dark spots, pigmentations, dry and aging skin.

Clinically tested on compromised skin after laser procedures and chemical peels, this mask can also be used as a bi-weekly replenishing treatment.

2.0(Black mask) is an upgraded version of 1.0(White mask) with more efficient ingredients for severe trouble skin conditions.

– Designed for professional plastic surgury use. – The Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing is a medical grade sterilized facial mask that aids the skin in building a moisturizing environment, regulate water-oil balance, and helps make skin moist, tender and smooth. – Additionally, these masks can also help shrink pores and help delicate skin. – Useful for people troubled by mild acne issues, and is very helpful in skin repairing functionalities.

– After washing, remove the hyaluronate dressing from package, place on face, and adjust for fit. – Remove the dressing after 20 – 30 minutes. – Gentle massage face for the absorption of remaining essence.

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