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Lavons Car Fragrance Gel

  • Shiny Moon
  • French Macaron
  • Luxury Relax

Under the Seat Gel Car Air Freshener

Fills your car with continuous fragrance for 4-6 weeks

Designed to be placed in various locations usch as entrances and room spaces

boosts the pleasant aroma when paired with LAVONS Vent Clip Air Freshener

"My car is, after all, a moving living room.
Listening to my favorite music and
surrounding myself with things I love…"

That's why it makes me a bit anxious
when I give my family,
friends and loved ones a ride.

If someone says, "I like how your car smells!,"
I just reply, "Do you think so?"
But deep inside I'm screaming,
"Thank you, Lavon de Boon!"


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