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Shiseido Ihada Acne Toner 100ml

Kills the bacteria responsible for causing acne

Antibacterial ingredients suppress bacterial growth and keep the surface of the skin clean. A moisturizing formulation that is easily absorbed into the skin.

Three active ingredients
Benzethonium chlorideSterilization/Disinfection
AllantoinFor tissue repair
Dipotassium glycyrrhizateCalms inflammation

Non-steroidal, mild acidity, hypoallergenic
oil-free formulation

Non-steroidal, mild acidity equivalent to human skin, alcohol-free formulation with a skin-friendly base.

Feature 2

A hydrating product feel with
a perfect balance of water content
and moisturizing ingredients

Moisturizing base ingredients:Hyaluronic acid sodium Lipidure* Glycerin

Particular effort has been made for a great product feel since it can also be used on the face. The lotion has a perfect balance of water content and moisturizing ingredients. Absorbed quickly into the skin, it has a hydrating product feel.


How to use

Apply a small amount to the affected area several times a day after washing face with soap.


First, clean the affected area by washing your face etc.



Take a small amount in your hand (about the size of a 500 yen coin for your whole face).



Massage all over your face - especially in the problem areas.

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