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Axxzia Beauty Force Treatment Mask 1pc

  • GK
  • MW
  • AG

The GK variety is for rough, unbalanced, and damaged skin.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate and deep-sea microorganism*1 extract conditions skin that has
suffered from environmental damage such as rapid temperature shifts, ultraviolet
rays, and air pollution, while seaweed extract*2 helps protect the skin with a
moisturizing veil.

The watery beauty serum leaves skin feeling light and fresh, and gently conditions the skin for a smooth and fine texture.

Key ingredients

◼ Deep-sea microorganism extract ( *1 alteromonas ferment extract) (skinconditioning substance) An ocean-sourced substance that conditions the skin.

◼ Seaweed extract ( *2 hydrolyzed algin) (moisturizing substance) A moisturizing veil—like that found on the surface of seaweed—protects the skin from various stimuli.

◼ Dipotassium glycyrrhizate (skin-conditioning substance) Restores skin balance, and helps create beautiful natural skin.

◼ Palmitoyl tripeptide-8 (skin-conditioning substance) Makes skin smooth again that has been damaged by environmental factors.


“GK” delivers care for rough, unbalanced skin, and damaged skin resulted from environmental causes;

“MW” is targeted at users concerned about dull skin caused by dryness, and dehydrated skin either caused by the drier seasons of autumn and winter, or excessive use of heaters and coolers; the aging care*1

“AG” is ideal for people concerned about signs of aging*2, and who wish to achieve firm and supple skin.

The sheet itself is made of cotton linter—which boasts outstanding moisture-retention properties—and contains an ample 25mL of beauty serum per sheet.

With such characteristics of the sheet material, you can enjoy long-lasting moisture properties of keeping the sheet hydrated for 10 to 15 minutes during your mask care time.

Formulated from carefully selected ingredients, skincare products of the AXXZIA Beauty Force series provides support for millennials who aspire to beautiful natural skin.

It promotes radiant skin, imbues every expression with beauty, and encourages everyday lives that are full of excitement.

Content: 1 sheet

Product of Japan

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