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Cella One Day Brightener Small 50ml


White skin just by painting! moisture color lotion

・Brightens skin tone by one tone
・Skin care while correcting skin tone
・As a makeup base! For color correction of areas of concern! Neck, decollete, arms and legs too!
・Increase white skin ingredients! A single swipe will make your skin brighter and whiter
・Sun protection
・Contains 7 plant extracts! Keeps skin moist
・Emulsion type that does not powder! Resistant to unevenness and moisturizing
・Gorgeous fruity floral scent
*Can be easily washed off with soap, etc.
* Make-up effect
*There are individual differences in color change.

How to use

・Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over your skin.
・When removing, wash with soap, etc.

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