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Francfranc Sweets Mug Cookie Pink


A mug with a very cute sweets motif that will make you feel better.
The simple design is easy to use when you remove the biscuit-shaped lid that looks just like the real thing, so the point is that you can use it properly depending on the scene.
A microwave oven (main unit only) and a dishwasher can be used, and it is an item that is excellent not only in looks but also in practicality.

Size: W110 × D82 × H106mm Capacity: 230ml
Material: Stoneware

Care Instruction
● Microwave oven: Only the main body is possible
● Oven: Not possible
● Dishwasher: Possible
■ After cleaning the lid, drain the water well and let it dry completely.
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, small holes called pinholes or black spots may be seen on the surface. Please enjoy it as a texture.
■ Country of origin: China

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