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Ipsa Metabolizer Superior 1

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ME is a cosmetic lotion that brings out the natural beauty of the skin according to each person's skin.

Focusing on the relationship between beautiful skin and oxygen.

Breathe life into the beauty of each person.

Formulated with the unique ingredient "OX-ME ingredient SE"*, it moisturizes and supports the barrier function of delicate and prone to chapped skin, leading to plump, healthy and translucent skin.

Non-comedogenic and allergy tested *Not all people will not get acne or allergies.

[Recommended skin]
ME Sensitive 1 is recommended for sensitive skin that is oily overall and at the same time feels dry and rough.
ME Sensitive 2 is recommended for sensitive skin that is a little oily overall and feels a little dry at the same time.
ME Sensitive 4 is recommended for sensitive skin that tends to lack freshness and luster, and is concerned about overall dryness.

○Fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil, surfactant, alcohol, and paraben-free
○Patch tested by people with sensitive skin (Not all people have irritation)

* Contains OX-ME ingredients SE (allantoin, rose rose fruit extract, erythritol, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredients)

Made in Japan

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