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K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Eyeliner

  • 01 Ice Black
  • 02 Chocolat Brown Black
  • 03 Cocoa Brown
  • 04 Azuki

"New standard" for eyeliner that long-lasting!
Beautiful coloring!
Easy to draw!
Eye Care & Protection! *
*Protection against drying and dirt in the air by forming a film.

The secret of evolution is "Fusion of beauty and durability"
Integration of glue and ink → Newly developed "TATTOO FILM INK" adopted.

Reinforced film → A special film that adheres strongly to the skin and moves flexibly according to the movement of facial expressions.
Concentrated colored ink → Succeeded in making the coloring agent finer and highly blended with high-dispersion technology.
Moisture → Adds a moderate amount of moisture. Balances smooth color, luster, and moisturizing without fading.

The new rule of the finest brush "1:290 rule"
Achieves a delicate finish line and stable line drawing.
1:290 is the numerical value of the contrast between the fineness of the brush tip and the thickness of the base. The tip of the brush is extremely thin,
The base is set to a value that allows the brush to draw stably.

Procast THE Eyeliner

Fine tip liquid eyeliner, 4 shades available. 24 hours waterproof, sweat-proof, sebum-proof, easily removed by warm water.

Product of Japan

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