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Lec Wet Tissue With Case

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Baby & Family Wipes —Hyaluronic acid for Extra Moisture
Designed for gentle & kind caring for baby skin
Use on face, hands and whole body
Extra care with natural Moisture
No harmful chemical
No more nappy rash
Economical for Everyday use
For baby, children and adults.

Contents: 80 sheets

Made in Japan

1. Breaking First The World’s First 99.9% Highest Standard for Pure Water Ingredient in Baby Wipes Quality Assurance USA Patent 2014 for 99.9% Pure Water Wipes Formulation Patent Reseal Prevention Sticker for Easy Pulling out of wipes, Firm Seal, Keep wipes fresh till the last 2. Tested Safe & Effective Laboratory Test Certified in Japan 99.9% of Pure Water, Lowest tested 0.1% safe chemicals Most Effective Moisture Formulation Hyaluronic Acid - Cosmetic Grade, HA helps to retain over 1000 times its weight in water within the skin cell, making it the most effective and friendly moisturizer Green Tea Extract - Natural Anti-inflammatory and Moisturizer NO Harmful Ingredients LEC 99.9% Wet Wipes NO Alcohol NO Parabens - Preservative NO Aroma Fragrant NO Propylene Glycol — Preservative 3. Safety & quality Production Made in World largest Germ-free Cleanroom in Japan 100% Purified Water Fully Automated Clean-Room No Contact with Human Hand Digital Camera Monitoring Workflow

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