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Megumi No Honpo Premium Moisturizing Essence Mask

  • A moisturizing face mask that focuses on aging care. 
  • For skin that is worried about dryness and lack of firmness. 
  • Uses a rare sheet made from the downy hair of natural cotton seeds. 
  • It has a smooth texture, high water retention and excellent adhesion.
  • Perform normal skin care.
  • Cherry Blossoms:

  • Beauty ingredients such as hot spring water, satozakura flower extract, and hyaluronic acid support the health of the skin.


  • Lead to smooth and firm skin.


  • A soft cherry blossom scent.



  • Beauty ingredients such as hot spring water, lotus flower extract, and plum fruit extract condition the skin.


  • Lead to shiny and shiny skin.


  • A faint lotus scent.

  • After washing your face, align the eyes and mouth of the mask and place it on your face.


  • When caring for your eyelids, be sure to close your eyes.


  • After about 10 to 15 minutes, remove the mask, let the beauty essence remaining on the skin blend in.
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