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ONE BY KOSE Double Black Washer facial wash 140g

1. Direct face wash that can also be used as a pack face wash
Because it is "direct coating", it adheres tightly and exhibits excellent cleaning effect.
If your skin is more oily than usual, we recommend washing your face once or twice a week.

2. Charcoal and 3 types of clay combination
Charcoal and 3 types of clay exhibit excellent sebum absorption effects.
Cleanly removes pore dirt and old keratin.

3. Clear skin formula
Kose's own special base is realized.
It feels like a beauty treatment without feeling burdensome, and it is smooth and smooth after washing.

●It has a relaxing green floral scent.
●It is a feeling that everyone can use comfortably.
●Paraben free
- Free of tar-based pigments

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