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Pola Moistissimo Face Cream



Low stimulus type

A gel-like cream that envelops the skin in moisture. Contains moisturizing ingredients for soft, supple, and springy skin.

Moistissimo Cream is for skin that feels dry. This gel-like cream envelops the skin in moisture. It contains moisturizing ingredients for soft and supple skin that seems to spring back from the inside.

30 g 

 Made in Japan

POLA brand use a triple action stratum corneum approach to keep skin hydrated. Caring for the stratum corneum will retain moisture and maintain the skin’s barrier function to protect it from dryness and external stimuli.

 Moisturizing Brand for Mature Women

Moisturrizing brand Moistissimo focuses on protecting the skin from dryness and external stimuli. Use it for soft, supple, and moisturized skin.

Moistissimo skin care completely covers the skin in a veil of moisture, and protects easily irritated skin from becoming tight, dry, and rough.

Moistissimo makeup keeps the skin moisturized even in the drier seasons, and creates a healthy and glowing peach-colored complexion.

Moistissimo uses ingredients that focus on disruption to the stratum corneum as the cause of dryness. The products contain cherry blossom and coptis japonica extracts as moisturizing ingredients specifically for the stratum corneum. Moistissimo skin care fills the stratum corneum with moisture, and smoothens the skin’s texture. Moisture defines the stratum corneum’s condition The stratum corneum, which is only around 0.02 mm thick, sits on the skin’s outermost layer. It has the important role of protecting the skin’s inner layers from ultraviolet rays and dryness, while also retaining moisture. A rough and irritated stratum corneum is susceptible to external stimuli, and this leads to moisture gradually escaping from it regardless of how much moisturizing product you apply.

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