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Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Jelly


Even on days when you just want to use lotion. It's fresh and non-sticky, but it's full of moisture, giving you firm, glossy, and springy skin that looks like it's been carefully cared for over time.


Product of Japan


3D hyaluronic acid*1

Hyaluronic acid is combined like a three-dimensional mesh to form a moisturizing net. Keeps moisture as if wrapping the skin. Its tightly bound structure allows it to stay firmly and hydrated on the skin.

Skin adsorption type hyaluronic acid*2

It absorbs into the skin and retains moisture for a longer period of time than regular hyaluronic acid. Maintains moisture without running off even after washing.

Hyaluronic acid*3

A moisturizing ingredient that exists in parts of the body that contain a lot of water, such as tears, skin, and cartilage. It has a high water retention capacity that can hold 6L of water with just 1g. It covers the skin surface widely and gives plenty of moisture.

Super hyaluronic acid*4

The ability to hold water is about twice that of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), which is famous for its high water retention! It has both "hydrophilicity" that holds moisture tightly and "lipophilicity" that blends well with the sebum membrane that covers the bare skin.

Nano hyaluronic acid*5

Compared to general hyaluronic acid, its size is less than 1/100 (approximately 15-25 nm), so it is very small, so moisture penetrates deep into the skin (stratum corneum) as well as the surface of the skin. increase.

4x Hyaluronic acid

Apply the small amount after cleansing and toner. Can be used day and night and whenever you feel your skin dry and lack of hydration.

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