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Ryo Blue Shampoo Dandruff Relief 400ml


Hair loss expert care with added more benefits : 3 Step Dandruff Cleansing™


01 3 Step Dandruff Cleansing™- Step One: Shampoo tear off the dandruff membrane. Step Two: Climbazole remove the dandruff effectively. Step Three: Strengthening the scalp barrier.

02 Cooling Effect on stressed scalp

03 Patented Ingredient combined with scalp benefits - Root Strengthen, Dryness-induced Itchiness, Scalp Soothing, Scalp Nutrition, Oil-moisture Balance

04 Fragrance Reminiscent of Volumizing Benefits - the bracing and refreshing herbal note reminds you of the volumizing benefits.

05 Ginseng leaf, stem and fruit - 7x Higher Nutrition for scalp and hair

How to Use:

Take an adequate amount, apply all over the scalp and hair and rinse off with water.

Volume: 400mL



About Ryo
YulRYO (律呂): Vitality through harmony
Hair is Yul and the scalp is RYO, the ground for hair.
RYO is a hair care brand with the belief that a healthy scalp is the key to youthful, luxuriant, silky and healthy hair.
Every hair problem—hair loss, thinning and loose hair and rough hair—stems from the scalp.
RYO brings the scalp back to its best possible condition. That’s what YulRYO is.

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