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Shiseido Aqua Label Special Gel Cream

  • Highly Moist
  • Brightening
  • Firmness
  • Oil In
  • Moist

All in one

Skin care after washing your face with this one. Delivers the effects of
lotions , milky lotions , beauty essences, etc. easily and quickly.

Condensed with 3 types of oil that are close to the composition of sebum, which tends to be lacking in adult skin.

The capsule bursts and melts into the skin, giving it "moisture", "firmness" and "gloss" without stickiness, giving you the feeling of an oil esthetic. 

Makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable

Size: 90ml

 Product of Japan

・ Protects moisture barrier function ・ Support firm skin ・ Supports clear and moist skin ・ Protects against irritation such as dryness

kin essential ingredient for firmness and transparency Charge amino acid *1 Collagen GL *2 Double hyaluronic acid *3 Soy Yeast Extract GL *4

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