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Sheet mask

Sheet masks are the most popular and well-know products in Asian beauty. It takes 15-20 minutes for many good skincare ingredients to be optimally absorbed into the skin. 

A sheet mask assists in this process as it stores additional serum. And it covers the face, reducing possible evaporation. Therefore, sheet masks are so effective in delivering active ingredients to your skin.

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Cosrx Master Patch Clear Fit


JM Solution Active Jellyfish Vital Mask


Clear Turn Medicated Whitening Mask 50 Sheets


Rearar Diafore Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Ruby (60 pcs)


JM Solution Water Luminous Silky Cocoon Mask Black


Cocochi Cosme Ag Ocean Essence Moisture Mask


Cosrx AC Collection Blemish care mask


AHC Hydra Gold Foil Mask


JM Selfie Vital Rosehip Deisney Mask (10)


JM Selfie Moisture Aloe Winnie Mask (10)


Fancl Moisturizing Mask


Fancl Brightening Mask


Ishizawa Brightening Face Mask


Ishizawa Hydrating Rice Mask


Ishizawa Labs SQS Deep Moisture Mask


Ishizawa Men Rice Mask 10 Sheets


Etude House Therapy Air Mask


AHC Brightening Rose Gold Foil Eye Mask


AHC Premium Black Truffle (5)


Frudia Squeeze Mask


Frudia Relief Cream Sheet Mask


Ceruru.b Placenta Face Mask Plus+


Axxzia Beauty Eyes Masks 10 Years

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