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CHANDO Himalaya, a naturalistic brand inspired by the Himalayas, has Himalayan pure glacial water, strong vitality, thousands of colors, natural flavor, and mysterious and long-standing culture. All these are the inspiration of the nature hall to create beauty.

Chando is committed to protecting and developing the natural ingredients of the Himalayas to meet the product needs of consumers to enjoy nature and beautiful life. 

CHANDO Himalaya, a naturalism brand inspired by the Himalayas. Wen blends ingredients from the Himalayas and advanced science to create high-performance and affordable products.

Nature driven
The heart of Chando is the Himalayas - its plants, water, minerals, fragrance, and colors.
The active ingredients we use in our products come from plants that grow in the clean and crisp mountain air at high altitudes in the Himalayas. 

Time tested
Founded in 2001, Chando Himalaya has been trusted by millions of consumers around the world. We inspire our customers to express their individual beauty.

A fusion of forefront R&D in skin science with unique research in naturally-derived ingredients, we create transformative skincare and cosmetics. Our R&D center does more than 60 laboratory tests to monitor the safety and mildness of products at all stages, with a special focus on the ingredients.

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