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Every freeplus product is enriched with the power of time-honored botanicals cherished in Japanese and Chinese beauty care. Drawing from the power of these herbal extracts, freeplus harnesses years of dedicated research at Kanebo Cosmetics to unveil a low-irritant skin care brand tailored to those with sensitive skin.

The result is scientifically-proven herbal formulas that work in perfect harmony with your skin to protect from environmental irritants and preserve moisture. Delicate skin types finally have the soothing, restorative solution to all their skin care needs.

Plant extract compounds – from jujube, citrus peel, peach kernels, coix seeds, glycyrrhizin and cnidium rhizome – act as a natural protectant of a healthy skin surface. freeplus aging-care and basic moisturizing lines embrace nature and purity to soothe gentle, easily bothered skin.

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