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Embrace Prosperity: The Ultimate Guide To Traditional Year-end Cleaning - Kiokii and...

Embrace Prosperity: The Ultimate Guide To Traditional Year-end Cleaning

As the Spring Festival approaches, many Asian communities around the world partake in the tradition of a thorough year-end cleaning, bidding farewell to the challenges and hardships of the past year and ushering in the hopes and prosperity of the new year to come.

In the Chinese language, the term "sweeping away the dust" is a homophone to “sweeping away the old”. This symbolic tradition inspires and motivates people to utilize the time before Lunar New Year to tidy up all the clutters accumulated in the past year and welcome the new year with a clean and organized space. To honor this tradition, we have prepared a checklist for a thorough year-end household cleaning, along with our top pick recommendations for cleaning products and tips and tricks to help you effortlessly maintain a tidy home in the coming year.

Creating a Homely Atmosphere: 

Set the perfect tone for family gatherings and friend's visits during the festive season with the refreshing scents of nature. Biken Daily Aroma Osmanthus Reed Diffuser, its pleasant and invigorating ambience will surely impress your guests, as it not only keeps the indoor space fresh, its chic design also serves as an elegant home décor piece. 

Degreasing Trifecta – Japanese Homemakers’ Best-kept Secret:

Deep clean your microwave with this convenient Kobayashi Microwave Cleaning Wipes. Infused with concentrated cleaning agents, it releases steam upon heating in the microwave, which helps effortlessly dissolve stubborn grease and stains for a quick and easy clean. 

Remove stubborn kitchen grease and stains with this Japanese powerhouse degreaser, Kao Magiclean Kitchen Cleaning Spray, to ensure a clean and refreshing cooking space around the Lunar New Year. 

While enjoying your favorite fried delicacies in the new year, don't forget to use our Kokubo Oil Solidifier to recycle used cooking oil, as this hassle-free oil disposal solution helps prevent kitchen pipe blockage issues. 

Lavish Laundry Care: Washing Machine Cleaner and Lavons Laundry Detergent

Maintain your washer with Kao Washing Machine Cleaning Powder, this powder-to-foam cleaning agent is designed to descale and thoroughly clean the interior of your washer and eliminate grime to ensure proper cleaning for each laundry load. Pair it with Lavons Softener Infused 2-in-1 Laundry Detergent as its invigorating fragrance offers a delightful cleaning experience that also leaves your clothes soft, fragrant, and static-free. 

Mold Be Gone: Kao Kitchen Bleach Disinfecting Spray & Johnson Mold Removal Spray:

Kitchens and bathrooms are notorious hotspots for mold and bacterial growth. Easily bleach and disinfect stained kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and kitchen sinks with the Kao Kitchen Disinfectant Spray. It also helps remove mold and odor from your Tupperware and water bottles. Bid farewell to any stubborn lingering mold and mildew with Johnson Mold Removal Spray. It can effortlessly eliminate molding problems as short as 10 minutes, so you and your living space can welcome the new year with a fresh start. (*Remember to wear gloves while using these items to protect your delicate hands.)

Unobstructed pipes: Gel-type & Foam-type cleaner for the win:

Easily clear any pipe blockage with Kao High Viscosity Pipe Cleaner, a gel-based solution that effectively dissolves any hair, garbage residue, and oil stains, ensuring a clean and unobstructed home pipe system. The Earth Foam Washbasin Cleaner offers a fun visual experience while effectively cleaning washbasin drains, press the cleaner upside down for 5 seconds after shaking, you can see the dense foam push out all gunk hiding in the drains from the overflow hole.

Dynamic duo: Toilet Cleaning Foam and Freshener Blocks:

This powerful Earth Foaming Toilet Cleaner easily melts away any stain deposits and molds in your toilet, remember to pair it with Kobayashi toilet cleaning blocks, drop one tablet in the water tank for effortless maintenance with each flush that leaves your toilet spot-less and smelling fresh. 

By incorporating these cleaning rituals, and the tried-and-true product recommendations into your Lunar New Year preparations. May your homes be filled with cleanliness, positivity, and the joy of welcoming a prosperous new year! 🧹🏡✨

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