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The Creme Shop 3D Teddy Headyband


Kao Merit Kao Merit Shampoo Brush


Hoshino Kirby Hair Curler


Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Tool


Fujiko Hair Line Powder


Fujiko Ponpon Powder Blue Edition


Kao Keep Water (Hair Styling Mist) 100ml


Dariya Bangs Holder Pink (2 Pieces)


Kao Cape Easy Care Hair Spray


The Creme Shop Hello Kitty Headband


Microfiber Quick Dry Cap Blue


Create Ion Straight Hair Iron


Create Ion Iron Grace Curl 32 mm


Create Ion Grace Curl 32mm


Shiseido Uno Men Hair Wax Wet Effect 80g


Shiseido Uno Extreme Hard Hair Wax 80g


Nakano Tanto Styling Wax Combo Set

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